Conserve: Green Puchasing

Ask your mentor to do a presentation, then click on these links to learn more about green purchasing at schools.

Green Purchasing Projects

  • Have students chose recycled items to sell as fundraisers
  • Help students make or grow eco-friendly items to sell
  • Start a school store to sell recycled items

Ideas for sharing student green purchasing knowledge

  • Have students teach others by showing the eco-friendly items they made or grew:
       Cereal box folders
    –   Handmade paper
       Holiday ornaments
    –   Laundry lid “flip toys”
    –   Repurposed/reformed crayon creations
       Greeting cards (reused)
       Seeds and plants
  • Post pictures with captions on your Green Steps school site
  • Submit pictures with captions to the Green Steps blog and Facebook page

Sample Project 

Grow and Sell Plant Fundraiser
Students can propagate plants to raise money to support Green Steps projects.