Conserve: Green Puchasing

Ask your mentor to do a presentation, then click on these links to learn more about green purchasing at schools.

Green Purchasing Projects

  • Have students chose recycled items to sell as fundraisers
  • Help students make or grow eco-friendly items to sell
  • Start a school store to sell recycled items

Ideas for sharing student green purchasing knowledge

  • Have students teach others by showing the eco-friendly items they made or grew:
    –        Cereal box folders
    –        Handmade paper
            Holiday ornaments
    –        Laundry lid “flip toys”
    –        Repurposed/reformed crayon creations
    –        Greeting cards (reused)
    –        Seeds and plants
  • Post pictures with captions on your Green Steps school site
  • Submit pictures with captions to the Green Steps blog and Facebook page

Grow and Sell Plant Fundraiser
Students can propagate plants to raise money to support Green Steps projects.