Conserve: Reduce

Ask your mentor to do a presentation, then click on these links to learn more about recycling at schools.

Reduce Projects 

Ideas for sharing student energy knowledge

  • Have students brainstorm ways to reduce paper usage at their schools
  • Post pictures with captions on your Green Steps school site
  • Submit pictures with captions to the Green Steps blog and Facebook page

Tap and Stack
Schools across the state are greatly reducing their lunch waste by asking students and staff members to “tap” all food off of their Styrofoam trays and then “stack” the used trays in a neat pile. The trays still go in the garbage, but stacked trays take up a fraction of the space required by trays thrown helter-skelter into trash bags. Schools pay for trash based on volume – not weight! Many of these same schools have now reverted to washable trays and have cut out most of their Styrofoam waste.