Conserve: Reuse

Ask your mentor to do a presentation, then click on these links to learn more about reusing at schools.

Reuse Projects

Ideas for sharing student reuse knowledge

  • Have students brainstorm their own upcycling projects
  • Post pictures with captions on your Green Steps school site
  • Submit pictures with captions to the Green Steps Blog and Facebook page

Sample Project 

Make and Use a Citrus Classroom Cleaner
1. Tear the peel from one orange and put it into any jar (like a clean peanut butter jar).
2. Fill the jar with white vinegar and screw on the lid. Let the contents “brew” for a couple of weeks until the vinegar turns pale orange in color.
3. Pour a few ounces of this concentrated cleaner into a small pail or a spray bottle filled with water (this cleaner will kill germs but is non-toxic for our air and water).
4. Use it to clean any hard surface at home or at school: desks, sinks, counters etc.