Fundraising Ideas

How to Raise Funds for Green Step Projects

Start a school store to sell recycled content school supplies

  • Use a locking cart that can be rolled to the cafeteria during lunch hour, PTO meetings or special events. Students can sell recycled paper and pencils, and use the proceeds to fund environmental projects.

Earn money for recycling and use the proceeds for environmental projects

  • computer cartridges
  • Old cell phones and consumer electronics – Ecophones pays for a number of items and sends you shipping labels and pays the postage.
  • aluminum cans
  • plastic grocery bags (if your school or a local grocery chain agrees)
  • plastic soda bottles, cookie wrappers, yogurt containers and more through TerraCycle – earn between 2 and 6 cents per item!

Recycle to support your Green Steps projects

  • Enroll in Office Depot’s Recycling Program. Created just for schools! Recycle all brands of ink and toner as well as select small electronics. Recycling supplies will be sent to you and filled boxes are mailed back in – Office Depot pays shipping. Earn Office Depot Gift Cards valid for redemption in store and online.

Sell Earth Friendly Products

Apply for grants and enter contests