Protect: Air/Outdoor Air Quality

Ask your mentor to do a presentation, then click on these links to learn more about outdoor air quality at schools.

Outdoor Air Quality Projects

  • Participate in SC DHEC’s B2 (Breathe Better Air) Campaign
  • Participate in SC DHEC’s Air Quality Flag Program

Ideas for sharing student outdoor air quality knowledge

  • Educate car drivers, parents and guardians of the importance of not running their engine while waiting to pick up students
  • Educate students, staff and families about the meaning of the Air Quality Flags
  • Encourage carpooling or vanpooling
  • Post pictures with captions on your Green Steps school site
  • Submit pictures with captions to the Green Steps blog and Facebook page

DHEC encourages every South Carolina school to minimize vehicle idling on its property. Students can participate in B2 (Breathe Better Air), a citizen science project where students educate car and bus drivers about the harmful effects of idling and then measure the effectiveness of their education campaign.