Protect-Litter Prevention


Students, teachers, and families take ownership over their environment by participating in Adopt-A-Spot, Adopt-A-Street, Adopt-A-Highway, Adopt-A-Stream, or Adopt-A-Waterway programs. Through these programs students take part in preserving and maintaining spots, streets, sections of a highway, stream or waterway in their community. Clean-ups occur several times a year. Students become stewards of public land, educate fellow citizens, increase the quality of life for their community, and save taxpayer dollars by performing this valuable public service.

Adopt-A-Highway program is sponsored by the South Carolina Department of Transportation.  Click here to download a brochure. If your school wants to Adopt-A-Highway they must agree to adopt at least two miles of highway and participate in four cleanups per year. Your school must also: make a two year commitment, choose a group leader, and sign and submit an Adopt-A-Highway agreement form. Click here to get started and also check out additional programs below under Litter Prevention Resources.

Other Litter Pickup Activities

Beach Sweep/River Sweep – Litter threatens the health and beauty of many of our treasured lakes, streams, and rivers, boat landings, and islands. Students learn more about water based pollution issues and what they can do to prevent them.

Click here to find out about the annual South Carolina Department of Natural Resources’ Beach Sweep/River Sweep Event.

Litter Free School Zones – Litter Free School Zones are programs for students, teachers, families, and community members.  These programs are a fun and easy way for students to work together.  While keeping school grounds clean, students learn valuable community leadership and responsibility skills and gain a respect for the environment and world around them. Students learn about litter prevention, source reduction, and recycling while organizing a system for keeping their grounds free.  Some schools also host litter-free events at least once a year (sports events, assemblies, field trips, etc).

For information about Litter Free School Zone programs click: Keep Troup Beautiful, Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful, and Keep Nebraska Beautiful.

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